Waves System offers tools to showcase your exhibitions and creations

We offer a range of Show Control readers and various transducers to suit your needs

Powerful and innovative technology - Immersion - Emotion - Interactivity

Standard solution

Waves System advises you for the realization of your scenography.

Tailored solution

We support you in the realization of your projects and the implementation of unique solutions.

Surprise your audience

Surprise and stimulate the imagination of your customers / spectators by creating a unique experience! Waves System offers you to transform your scenography into a real immersive experience.

Enhancement of your creations

Use our cultural engineering experience to showcase your works and heritage. Add fantasy and emotion to the very heart of your exhibitions. Waves System presents itself as the partner at the service of your creativity.

A solution adapted to your request

Waves System supports and advises you in the realization of your project.


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Thousands of scenography rely on our products.

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