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EVP380: the show control player for creating immersive, interactive multimedia experiences.

show control player

The EVP380 offers a unique and complete show control solution (DMX512 output, contact outputs and RS-232 commands) in perfect synchronisation with the playback of audio/video files up to 4K.

AP420: Schedule and broadcast any audio streams: webradio, local content or NAS.

Audio player

Manage your broadcasting with an easy-to-use integrated CMS specially designed for an intuitive experience. Instantly update your communications from anywhere, at any time.

background music software

Create your playlists, schedule your messages and plan the broadcast of your messages to each player with precision. Automatically detect incidents on your fleet of players.

directional sound

With this directional loudspeaker, you can create a surprise effect and keep your visitors’ attention longer. The result: a captivating experience and better message recall.


Audio players

Our range of audio players covers a wide spectrum of applications for background music, messaging and interactive audio broadcast in public areas.

Video players

Professional interactive audio/video players for museography and digital signage.

Directional sound

Ultra directional speakers with high audio quality and focused beam of sound.

Digital signage software

Monitor and update easily all your media and scenario anywhere anytime with our 100% cloud based solution.

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Hotels & restaurants

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In-store music : benefits, considerations and solutions.

There are many advantages to playing music in your store: creating a unique atmosphere, increasing customer satisfaction and influencing buying behaviour. We’ll guide you through the various factors you need to take into account to do this properly.
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We design and manufacture a complete range of top-class media players together with a scalable and ergonomic cloud platform.

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