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Create beams of sound with
directional speaker Hypersound!

haut parleur directionnel Hypersound

Create sound here and not there and capture attention of your audience. The experience is magic and unforgettable. The delivered message is clearly understandable including in noisy environment. System delivers low distorsion even at high volume.


Broadcast music identity and meaningful messages with the most user-friendly audio platform

Waves system AP420

Our new AP420 offers endless audio streaming possibilities. It allows you to program and broadcast any audio stream with secure streaming 24/7 thanks to our Continuum technology. Manage your broadcast with an easy-to-use integrated CMS specially designed for an intuitive experience. Instantly adapt your communication from anywhere and at any time.


Audio players

Our range of audio players covers a wide spectrum of applications for background music, messaging and interactive audio broadcast in public areas.

Video players

Professional interactive audio/video players for museography and digital signage.

Directional sound

Ultra directional speakers with high audio quality and focused beam of sound.

Digital signage software

Monitor and update easily all your media and scenario anywhere anytime with our 100% cloud based solution.

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Museum markets Waves system

Museums / Theme Parks

Interactive AV

Sound shower

Lights and sound

Waves system public address


Background music


Digital signage

marché fitness


DMX video sync

Background music

Digital signage

restaurant immersif

Hotels & restaurants

Multizone music

video mapping

Digital signage

marché escape

Escape rooms

Complex scenarios

Synced players

SDK library


Ring the bell


IOT for e-learning

marché santé




Sensorial rooms

marché Noel


Light & sound

Music broadcast

Video Mapping


studio HIIT

Digital signage in immersive gym

Discover innovative digital signage in immersive gym. Two new kind of fitness rooms have just opened in Paris. Each room has 7 apparatus stations; each station is supplemented by a video screen indicating the actions to be performed. The 7 screens are controlled by EVP380 which are DMX controlled by a DMX central unit. The...
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Audio stations

Discover the new installation of sound terminals at the MNHN. The exhibition is equipped with VP320 media players combined with cut-off jacks to trigger content when headphones are inserted.
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Waves System

We design and manufacture a complete range of top-class media players together with a scalable and ergonomic cloud platform.

Our solutions help integrators and sound agencies to complete a mesmerising variety of projects from simple prevention messages to world-class light & sound shows in museums, theme parks, public areas and retail.

Our own agile factory delivers high quality products with the lowest environmental footprint.

We are passionate humans operating in France since 2001.

Our distributors and brand representatives cover North America, Europe and Asia.