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Audiovisual solutions for museums

Why use our audiovisual solutions in your museums?

Museums are unique places where art, history and culture meet. From immersive audio solutions to the magic of video mapping, our products and technologies redefine the museum experience. Whether you’re an integrator looking for innovation, a museum seeking to captivate its audience or a scenographer wanting to bring your vision to life, we offer dedicated, tailor-made solutions to tell even more beautiful stories in museums.

Differentiation and attractiveness

Interactive exhibitions, innovative video projections and immersive sound installations encourage visitors to choose your museum.

Immersive experience

With visual, auditory and sometimes even tactile elements, our technologies immerse visitors in the heart of the exhibitions, encouraging them to extend their visit.

Engagement and education

Immersive and audiovisual technologies offer unique ways of engaging audiences and making learning more interactive and fun.


High-quality sensory and audiovisual experiences help to enhance the perceived value of a visit. You create a strong emotional attachment among visitors.

The largest catalogue of audiovisual equipment for museums.

Waves System offers the largest catalogue of audiovisual equipment for museums. The products are the synthesis of more than 20 years in the museum market.

The equipment meets the most advanced requirements in terms of reliability and scenarios.Our range of products is the most popular with integrators, museum operators and web, audio and video multimedia content agencies.

Our Proxima media servers will bring the most immersive scenographies to life. Compact or very powerful, they will meet your needs perfectly with an imperceptible sound footprint.

Our directional speakers offer a unique ability to create customised audio zones to deliver an impactful message to a customer or visitor without noise pollution.

Our interactive and programmable 4K video players can be used in all kinds of interactive scenarios! They are easy to create and update, with no need for training or complex tools.

Our contactless sensors offer a modern, flexible solution for interacting with your museum installations. They combine hygiene, discretion and adaptability.

Museums, scenographers, integrators - they trust us.

Discover the benefits of our products for your everyday life.

Museums, exhibitions and interpretation centres

  • Handle with ease our products
  • Create confined sound zones and limit audio pollution with our directional speakers
  • Update content independently
  • Reduce energy consumption with fine-tuned on/off management


  • Bring to life truly interactive journeys combining audio, immersive video and lighting control
  • Create innovative interactivity with our discrete sensors
  • Broadcast to multiple screens by synchronising players


  • Help you choose the best solution for your projects
  • Simplify installation and maintenance with our all-in-one player

Do you have a project?

Whether it's for very simple installations on a tight budget, temporary installations or national museums, we can support you. Our all-in-one players simplify installation and maintenance. Hypersound directional sound allows you to create perfectly controlled sound spaces. We have a solution for every museum.
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