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Video players

Interactive video players with programming

The range of 4K interactive video players with programming is dedicated to media broadcast for museums, retail, fitness and public areas. All your scenario are feasible! Interact with the players through dry contact, TCP request, touchscreen, HTTP request and RS-232 and let your imagination creates the best AV experiences.

écran tactile couplé à lecteur vidéo

Do what you want with HTML programming capabilities in every player

An embedded web server displays web pages to easily create remote control on any connected device such as tablets and smartphone. The video content can be magnified with an HTML page. When programming the players, you can success in any av scenario.

Unlimited functionalities

    • Autoplay at power on,
    • Schedule contents,
    • Trigger through dry contacts, touchscreen, automate, from any web browser…
    • Perfect loop, random, sequential, according to calendar, …
    • Display web pages,
    • Compatible with all kinds of screens,
    • Monitor videoprojectors power on/off,
    • Output with MOSFET command to drive external equipement such as motors, amplifiers, lights,
    • Embedded amplifier for vicinity listening,
    • Manage touchscreen of touch terminals,
    • Embedded remote administration console to configure the player and remotely update content,
    • Subtitles files management and change on the fly,
    • Compatibility with all sensors of the portfolio,
    • Support audio class audio 2.0 to connect Dante USB Adapter or Focusrite scarlett USB interfaces (NEW)

Get advice and support from the manufacturer

Our technical teams advise you to find the right interactive video players with programming for your scenario. We assist our customers in programming  scenarios and we can also make it for them.

Every player is sold with ir remote control.