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Directional sound

Deliver an immersive sound experience with our Hypersound® directional sound solution

Catch your audience’s attention with the Hypersound directional loudspeaker.

This disruptive audio innovation that is highly-directional and can drive immersive, audio experiences where you want it.

Focus on the experience!

We take care of the rest. Waves System solutions are designed to free you from all forms of stress, especially that one: «it ain’t working!».

We strive to relieve you from all technical constraints to help you give your heart and soul to creating an experience like no other.

Our number one rule? The more you forget about us, the better 😉

Our solution

Ultrasound & audio quality

The message delivered is understandable. Attention is maintained longer and facilitates the act of purchase. Distortion is low even at high volume. The listening provided is close to that of a headset but without any contacts.

Compact & powerful

Install the speaker discreetly thanks to its ultra compact format. Its sound power combined with directionality allows you to install it up to 10m from the listening point.

Sound range & ultradirectivity

Hypersound creates a narrow beam of sound with 95db SPL and a very clear sound. The audio experience is magic. Memorization of the message and the experience is reinforced.


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