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Show control players

Interactive DMX show control players

The programmable and interactive show control players range is dedicated to the automation of shows synchronizing DMX equipment with audio/video media. These products are perfect for museography, point of sales, sports halls, escape games, theme parks and Christmas lighting. All scenarios are possible! Dry contact, TCP request, touch screen, HTTP request, DMX timeline and RS-232 interactivity make the players an indispensable part of your AV installations.

show control DMX en musée

Adjust and record your shows and play them back automatically

The EP230 DMX interactive show control player has a USB input that allows you to adjust the show in real time using our free Show Control Editor Software.

EVP380 has a DMX input allowing to record a show from any DMX console or software suite. Moreover, the player is an ArtNet end point to be controlled by a third-party unit.

The automatic synchronized playback functions ensure repeatable operation at all times.

All the possibilities of HTML programming in each interactive show control player

The embedded web-server displays web pages to create remote controls compatible on tablets and phones. The video content can be enriched with an HTML page to easily embellish the presentations. The interactive show control players are programmable to make all your audio and video scenarios come alive.

Endless features for our interactive show control players

-Automatic start at power on,

-Synchronized audio/video broadcasting with a DMX512 show,

-Content scheduling,

-Triggering by dry contacts, touch screen, automaton, from any web browser…

-Perfect loop, shuffle, continuous, based on a calendar, …

-Synchronization of the players,

-Display of web pages,

-Compatible with all types of screens,

-ON/OFF Management of video display,

-Outputs equipped with control relays to drive other equipment (motors, amps, lights, …) via the DMX timeline,

-Integrated audio amplification for close listening,

-Management of touch interfaces for interactive display,

– Embedded administration console for remote configuration and content updates,

-Subtitles management for on-the-fly switch,

-Compatible with all Waves System sensors.

The manufacturer’s advice and support

Our technical will help you to find the best interactive player for your projects. We assist our customers in programming the scenarios andfor the most complicated ones, we can programme it for you.

Each player is supplied with a power cable and an infrared remote control.