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Audio players

Self-contained audio players with triggering

Do you need to play background music on a time slot? Or a message on the trigger of a visitor? You will necessarily find one of our audio players with triggering adapted to your need in our catalog.

Schedule content playback

Select an audio player with triggering from NanoPlayerBox to AP420 to broadcast your messages and music at precise times. The players incorporate a precise battery that maintains time accuracy anywhere.

Broadcast content on a trigger

The Nanoplayer Box is suitable for simple contracts to trigger one content on power up and a second on an input contact.  Its built-in amp makes it the best-selling all-in-one product on the market. Connect one of our push buttons or presence sensors for a quick and easy installation.

Need more triggers? Go with the Microplayer which accommodates up to 15 input contacts. It also has 2 output contacts that will power a light button or send instructions to the amps.

You need to schedule your messages with an intuitive interface ? Select AP420 to broadcast your messages on top of your background music.

Programming the scenarios is simple without third-party software from your computer.

Benefit from the manufacturer’s advice and support for your triggered audio player

Our technical teams advise you on the best choice of audio players with triggering. We assist our customers in programming the scenarios and we realize for them the most complex scenarios. The players are manufactured in France and benefit from a 3-year warranty.

Each player is supplied with its power supply.