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Our vision

We help museums and retail to attract even more audience and get their attention by giving them a unique experience.

The situation right now, we are searching for interaction and connection, more than ever. But it has to be contactless.

Also there’s very low reason for people to leave their house to be entertained unless you offer something magical. A personalized experience that touches my emotion and my mind.

At Waves System, we are manufacturing interactive AV equipment that broadcast videos and light shows that are actually interactive and responsive to the movement of the audience. This is an experience they can’t have at home.

You will find a complete range of solutions to unlock your creativity.

  • We have a range of sensors / We are developing new contactless interactivity based on matrix of cameras.
  • Our players are doing more than others: amplified audio, light show, web programming, subtitling.
  • We have the best directional speaker with high directionality, excellent audio quality. You create an impactful audio experience.

It makes your area stand out with something unique and cutting edge.

it increases the ability to give the audience a safe and memorable experience that makes them come back, that make them evangelist.

Thus increasing the foot traffic and the revenue.

Because equipment must not infringe your creativity, we are also developing tailored solution for museums, scenographers, integrators.

Our values


Waves System has built its reputation on the reliability of the solutions. Our electronics are manufactured in France to guarantee the best quality. Our servers are located in France.

Easy to use

Our interactive multimedia players and our management system will make your installation easy and the update very smooth.


We offer a very reactive technical support. We quickly adapt to your needs. We program your complex scenarios.