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Pack Hypersound

Mono directional audio system. This pack includes :
– One emitter H3000/EB  (with pair of red/black wires)
– One amplifier H3000/AMP (with AC power and cable)

Emitter is available in black or white.

Can be sold as a mono speaker or stereo pack.

Download the datasheet



Sound range & ultradirectivity: Hypersound creates a narrow beam of sound with 95db SPL and a very clear sound. The audio experience is magic. Memorization of the message and the experience is reinforced.

Ultrasound & audio quality: The message delivered is understandable. Attention is maintained longer and facilitates the act of purchase. Distortion is low even at high volume. The listening provided is close to that of a headset but without any contacts.

Compact & powerful: Install the speaker discreetly thanks to its ultra compact format. Its sound power combined with directionality allows you to install it up to 10m from the listening point.


  • Digital signage
  • Museums
  • Sound performance
  • Special effects



Acoustic performance

  • Bandwidth: from 300 Hz to 18 KHz


  • Acoustic pressure (dB) as a function of distance (m) @ 1 KHz

  • Directivity

  • Adequate mastering of the audio files will be necessary to take full advantage of the HyperSound system’s broadcast spectrum.



  • Mono or stereo system
  • Impedance: 10K Ohms
  • Amp input connectors: 1 RCA per channel
  • Input connectors: Speaker: 2 banana type connectors
  • Loudspeaker cables: Gauge 14, 2m supplied, limit installations
  • Output connector to subwoofer: 1 RCA
  • Carrier: proprietary profile around 40 KHz
  • Proprietary and patented modulation

Thermal information

  • Ambient operating temperature: 10 to + 40 ° C
  • Storage temperature: from -20 to + 50 ° C


  • Supply voltage: 100V-240V-50 / 60Hz
  • Output voltage: 30V DC @ 1.5 amps

Dimensions and weight

  • Speaker (cm): 31.75 x 16.20 x 4.40
  • Fixing with two 10-320UNF 3/8 screws 5.72 cm apart
  • Amplifier (cm): 15.88 x 17.15 x 4.76
  • Weight: 3.4 kg for a stereo system

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