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Manage your in-store music - in minutes.

The background music and messaging platform that helps music providers develop their clients’ brand image.

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Why choose Wavespark?

Wavespark is the combination of a professional player and a cloud platform.

Create your playlists and program your messages

Easily import your background music or use webradios. Schedule your playlists and broadcast your messages to each player with precision. The solution guarantees continuous broadcasting, even during Internet outages.

Manage your fleet of players

From a few units to hundreds of connected audio players, update the firmware remotely or detect incidents automatically. Save time by relying on our commissioning services.

Customise the in-store experience

What happens in one shop is so different from another! Give in-store teams the option of choosing a musical atmosphere or broadcasting a message adapted to the location.

How can Wavespark help you broadcast your background music and messages?

Background music management

Ergonomic interface

Take advantage of a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to create playlists tailored to your store with your dedicated tracks.
Schedule your playlists or firmware updates. You save time and leave the bandwidth free for the day-to-day operations of your shops.
Duplicate projects so you can re-use and modify them without reinventing the wheel.

Messages management

A calendar to schedule them all

In just a few clicks, you can define a new message broadcast. Everything can be set up visually, including the start and end dates, randomised playback and history retrieval.

Fleet management

Overall supervision of your players

Complete management of your players and content, all from within the platform.
Download, update and display new content remotely. And if necessary, troubleshoot remotely with our detailed system status reports.
Deploy pre-configured players in-store in seconds.


Professional equipment

Our Store & Forward technology guarantees you continuous service.
Want to use webradios? Secure the broadcast of your in-store music by adding backup content.
Our professional AP420 player guarantees long-term broadcasting that works in perfect symbiosis with Wavespark.
The S3 server ensures that the music is always available and offers unlimited storage capacity.

We leave the artistic direction to you, we take care of the technical side.


What our customers say
  • I would recommend Wavespark without hesitation. The service is reliable and the after-sales service […] efficient and fast. The platform is constantly evolving.

    Bonne Ecoute - Sound agency

A solution for every trade

Music provider

Forget the tech, concentrate on creativity!

Wavespark audio is your technical platform that gives you more time for creativity.

  • Infrastructure managementWavespark is a cloud solution. You have more projects, more customers? The solution adapts to your needs without technical intervention.
  • CommissioningWe connect your players to your account before delivery.
  • Delegate the hotlineMusic interrupted, player out of sync? We'll manage support for you.

Marketing department

Highlight your brand values and enhance the in-store experience.

Wavespark simplifies the management of your musical atmosphere and legal declarations.

  • Overview of the musical atmosphereBy planning the musical programme according to the time of day, the season or special events, you can create the right atmosphere to match your marketing strategy.
  • Brand consistencyBy using Wavespark, you ensure that the musical ambience of all your shops is consistent with your brand image, thus reinforcing brand recognition.
  • Easy legal declarationThe integrated broadcast reports allow you to declare your music broadcast regularly and at the right price.

Store manager

Update your background music in just a few clicks.

Wavespark offers an intuitive interface with no learning curve.

  • Messages insertionSimply edit the calendar to insert your commercial and comfort messages.
  • Managing your eventsAdd a playlist and change the in-store music instantly.
  • Volume managementAdjust the volume of the messages in relation to the music for better intelligibility.

Professional AV integrators

Offer your customers professional audio solutions.

Wavespark combines a tested and approved player with a robust cloud platform.

  • Professional hardwareWe've built our audio player around the latest technologies to guarantee reliability and a high level of cyber security.
  • Easy to useThe solution is intuitive and user-friendly. In just a few minutes, your customers are autonomous.
  • Interface with your pro sound systemUse the GPIOs to interface the player to your PA system.

You're in good company

Join the companies using the most intuitive and reliable background music solution on the market.


All plans include monitoring, remote rebooting and drive software updates. The list of features is subject to change.


For organisations that want to broadcast background music and messages in a simple way.
6,99/ player/ month*

  • Players fleet management
  • Store tracks and playlists
  • Read web radio URLs
  • Message management
  • Music and message calendar
  • English - French phone support, Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm
  • Player repaired within 10 days

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For music providers who want to work faster and offer better support.
11,99/ player/ month*

Standard plan +

  • Tagging
  • Broadcast report
  • Audio normalization
  • English - French phone support, Monday to Saturday, 9am-7pm (GMT +1)
  • Ticketing
  • Quarterly performance report

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For retailers who want to 24/7 support.
14,99/ player/ month*

Pro plan +

  • Contextual messages
  • Customised interfaces
  • 24/7 support
  • Player replacement within 48 hours

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*Price per player, annual commitment, monthly billing. Automatic renewal.
Standard, Premium and Pro also available monthly for €9.99, €14.99 or €17.99/player.

Need customised options?

Are you missing some features to become your trusted partner? Whether you need advanced training, personalised helpdesk support or a maintenance package, our tailor-made offer will meet your specific needs.


Why choose Wavespark?

Wavespark is the easiest solution to get started with its visual calendar. You broadcast your music and messages with a renowned professional player. It’s the guarantee of a quality broadcast without interruption.

How do you choose the right plan?

Our different plans are designed to adapt to your needs and grow with you.
The elements to take into account are the number of stores to be managed, the frequency of updates of your music and messages and your working hours to ensure you have the support you need.
Each of our plans is designed to grow with you.

If you need more details, please contact us.

How much does Wavespark cost?

The plan is annual, with monthly payments. It is linked to a player.
With the standard plan, if you have one player that you want to update, it will cost you €6.99/month. If you have 2 players, your bill will be €13.98.
Discounts may apply depending on your professional category.