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In-store music : benefits, considerations and solutions.

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There are many advantages to playing music in your store: creating a unique atmosphere, increasing customer satisfaction and influencing buying behaviour.
We’ll guide you through the various factors you need to take into account to do this properly.

A study carried out in a supermarket demonstrated the impact of music on wine sales. On days when French music was played, an average of 40 bottles of French wine were sold, compared with 12 bottles of German wine. On the other hand,, on days with German music, 22 bottles of German wine were sold compared with 8 bottles of French wine.

Add this to a soundtrack aligned with your brand image and effective music management. You’ll be equipped to improve your customers’ experience and boost your sales.

The benefits of in-store music

Music has a powerful impact on the customer experience. When it matches your image and is used effectively, it creates a positive and memorable impression that builds customer loyalty.

Improving the customer experience through music

The first and most obvious benefit is the creation of a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for shoppers. The right music, tailored to your brand, will set the mood, evoke positive emotions and make the shopping experience more memorable.
Well-chosen music will evoke emotions, put customers at ease and encourage them to explore the store. If you’re not convinced, imagine the opposite. A Thursday evening in a packed supermarket with blaring rock music. You’re unlikely to stay long.

Influence on buying behaviour and customer satisfaction

If music encourages you to stay or leave, it also influences the way you buy. Studies have shown that shoppers stay longer in stores that play background music. Music with a slow tempo will result in longer browsing times. Average shopping baskets are also higher. By strategically selecting music that aligns with your store’s business objectives, you can influence customer behaviour.

Reinforce brand identity and create a memorable shopping experience

When customers associate a particular song or genre with your store, it creates a connection and reinforces brand recognition. That’s branding: what does a customer associate with your brand, what does it evoke in them?
With music that aligns with your brand image and your target audience, you reinforce brand values and create a unique identity. A sound design agency or music provider can help you find the right sound for your brand. Your establishment will no longer look like your competitor’s, and you’ll build customer loyalty with its unique atmosphere.

Broadcasting advertising messages

The sound of your store can also be used to broadcast advertising messages. Whether promoting products or specific offers, you can effectively inform or influence your customers’ behaviour and stimulate sales. A music and message management platform is essential for this.

Providing a pleasant working environment for your employees

Your employees are the first to hear your music. They are also the ones who hear it most often, repeatedly. By offering playlists that are regularly renewed, you can avoid a feeling of fatigue and, above all, boost productivity.
Music can also be used to reduce unpleasant noises, such as those that can occur when working in a warehouse, for example.

In-store music: considerations

Licences and authorisations

To get all the benefits of music in your store, the first thing to think about is obtaining licences and authorisations. These are sometimes necessary to play music in your store.

Then, for the music itself, there are different solutions. Using a personal Spotify account is not one of them, nor Apple Music. The Terms and Conditions prohibit you from doing so.
What’s more, if you’re on a free account, you’re not safe from hearing an advert for a competitor in your own store.
You need to turn to solutions that allow you to pay the entitled persons in one way or another. There are various solutions for this:

  • Your sound design agency can make the declaration according to the titles chosen
  • Online platforms such as stingray
  • Royalty-free music…

This ensures that you comply with the law and avoids any potential legal problems.

Store acoustics

It’s important to consider the acoustics of the store and how the music will interact with it. This will ensure optimum sound quality. Volume control is another important aspect of in-store music management. Music should be played at an appropriate volume, allowing customers to chat comfortably and wander around the store without being overwhelmed by the sound.
Your integrator will be able to study the situation and propose the ideal solution.

The right music at the right time

As we saw above, selecting the right genre and style of music that aligns with the target audience and the store’s brand image is key.

Also remember to update the playlist regularly to keep it fresh and avoid repetition. Your customers don’t want to find songs that are 6 months old. You wouldn’t broadcast a message with a promotional offer that was 6 months old and no longer valid. Your music deserves the same attention. Your music is strategic, and we encourage you to treat it as such.

Having the right strategy, the right music and the right installation won’t be enough. You need a management platform to schedule and manage the broadcast.

Interface player wavespark

In-store music management

A platform

The whole point of a music management platform is to simplify your day-to-day work.

This platform lets you schedule different playlists for different times of day or days of the week. It offers features such as playlists, a calendar view and music and message scheduling.
You can manage your messages and ads in addition to the music. This can be used to promote special offers, highlight new products or provide information to customers. You’ll be completely aligned with your marketing campaigns and your store’s business objectives.

You can do this yourself or delegate it to your sound agency, for example. You’ll have peace of mind and save time.

A professional player

These platforms are generally connected to a professional audio player. This has several advantages. It restarts automatically in the event of a power cut and stores your music locally. Your bandwidth remains available for your important day-to-day operations, such as transactions. There’s no risk of staff tinkering with the system, and no CD management with the risk of scratches and the associated logistics.

By implementing an in-store music solution, you have total control over your brand image. You ensure an engaging experience for your customers and build loyalty.

Want to simplify your music management?

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