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Bonne Écoute acclaims Wavespark, the background music and message platform

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In a world where brand experience, and therefore sound design, is crucial, Bonne Écoute works to understand in depth what makes each brand unique. It creates tailor-made music selections that faithfully reflect their identity.
Thanks to Wavespark, the management and broadcasting of background music is simplified, guaranteeing a seamless experience.
Find out how this innovative platform is transforming Bonne Écoute’s day-to-day business and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Can you describe your experience with Wavespark?

I’m a music provider and I work with different brands to translate their brand values into music. The music playlists I create are then played in-store to bring these values to life.
I need to play the music and manage it at various points of sale.
At Bentley, for example, with just a few clicks, I can be sure that my music has been sent and played in shop. Wavespark’s ergonomic and visual interface allows me to concentrate on my job.

What were your main challenges before using Wavespark?

My customers need to make sure that the music is played in their shops.
With webradios, the disadvantage is that without Internet, there is no more music. With music embedded in Wavespark, distribution is totally guaranteed.

With cloud access, once my programs have been created, sending my music to the shops is child’s play.

How did Wavespark help you overcome these challenges?

Once my players have been added to Wavespark, the interface allows me to monitor their activity. I can see if they are properly connected and able to play music. The intuitive interface lets me scheduled my playlists and messages.
I can allocate these programs to shops and determine when to launch them. As the music is stored, there’s no problem with interruptions.

Want to manage your background music in just a few minutes?



What are the main advantages you get from Wavespark?

Wavespark makes my life easier and gives me the assurance that my music is being played. It’s reliable.
I get a real sense of security from the solution.

Can you give us a specific example of a situation where Wavespark is useful to you?

I’m in charge of hotel sound design. I have 3 different music zones inside. Each of these zones is linked to an AP420 player.

Beforehand, I prepare my programs (a mix of musical playlists and messages) in Wavespark. Then I assign my programs to each zone. When I’m ready, I send my programs to the players in 2 clicks. I can define when this new program should be taken into account. I don’t need to be on site.

Managing the different areas of the hotel is much simpler.

Would you recommend the service to others? And why?

I would recommend Wavespark without any hesitation. The service is reliable and the after-sales service, should I need it, is extraordinary. It’s efficient and fast. The team is pleasant and attentive. Wavespark is very easy to use. What’s more, the platform is constantly evolving.


You want to manage your background music in just a few minutes?




About Bonne Écoute
Bonne Écoute is a sound design agency specialising in delivering music to retail outlets. Their approach is to understand in depth what makes each brand unique to create tailored music selections that faithfully reflect its identity.
With over 20 years’ experience, they approach each selection as a hand-crafted creation, tailored to the specific needs of each client, whether for a collection launch, a sound identity or an event.