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Interactive audio stations equipped with Waves System media players

Waves System supported the MNHN in its exhibition project on felines. The client’s project is to create devices for the accessibility course intended for the visually impaired.

The need is to activate the contents of the audio stations when the visitor inserts their headphones into the headphone jack. The main challenges of the project consist of:

  • identify the compatible connectors for all 2, 3 or 4 track jack tips
  • Modify the connectors to make them compatible with the requested scenario
  • Guarantee longevity in repeated use in public places.

The MNHN entrusted Waves System with the mission of developing and producing all the units. We selected the VP320 for its ability to configure the polarity of its contact input and for its compactness in sleek furniture. Our production workshop made the jumpers and the necessary modifications to the connections.


audio stations

The results are very positive according to Estelle Herbin in charge of Audiovisual Design and Production: “the audio stations work perfectly well”. Waves System players are simple to program and update when exhibit content is updated at the last minute. The team supports its customers with a set of standard products and a large capacity for software and hardware customization.

audio stations smiladon


audio stations leopard

Crédit photos : ©Jean-Christophe Domenech, photographe du Muséum