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Digital signage in immersive gym

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Digital signage in immersive gyms

Our integrator A. specializes in new digital signage in immersive gym. For this Parisian project, he selected the EVP380 media player which offers exceptional DMX control capabilities. The sports coach launches a series of images and videos from a wall panel which triggers a DMX Sunlite cue. This cue controls each EVP380 for playing the correct media. The integrator chose the EVP380 to meet the following challenges:

  • All in one box,
  • Ease of programming,
  • Possibility for coaches to update content on their own every day with minimal training.


digital signage in immersive gym

Daily update of contents through the cloud

In the end, the installation completely satisfied the teams who manage the dynamic display in the sports hall. On a daily basis, the coach manager connects to the Wavespark cloud platform and updates the content in an instant. He can prepare his updates during lessons thanks to the readers’ uninterrupted download capabilities. The actual changeover can be scheduled at a later time.


digital signage in immersive gym

View of the AV rack for digital signage in immersive gym. EVP380 are daisy chained and listen to the DMX cue to start media.