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Immersive Yoga studio

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Immersive room equipped with 4K Waves System Video players

Waves System supported Eurosono in its immersive room project for the Myginger Yoga studio. The synchronization by the network of two media players VP320 and EVP380 makes it possible to cover absolutely all the space of the room without interruption of images. The experience produced is truly amazing. Proof of this, the studio’s rating is 4.9/5 on google, the opinions are very positive and the recommendation is maximum for this studio.

Synchronization between the sources is easy to implement with the Ethernet link and the automatic recognition of the neighborhood which is embedded in each reader. Media is stored on the players internal memory to increase reliability. Blending is provided by geobox processors.

salle immersive studio yoga

The manager can directly launch the media content stored in the player using the webapp developed by Waves System. The webapp is hosted in the master player’s web server and viewed in any web browser on the network. Webapp development is very easy with the REST API provided and documented by Waves System. With the highly personalized application, the studio manager can launch a sequence, pause, navigate within the media of the same sequence or change sequence on the fly. It can also put the entire system to sleep. The ability to broadcast content on a schedule is also possible through the broadcast schedule.

salle immersive et webapp

View of the technical bay with the 2 racked readers, their size is very small for easy accommodation and also to reduce the environmental footprint during manufacture and transport.