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Digital signage in fitness studio

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Deploy digital signage in your fitness studio and retain your customers

One of the main advantages to deploy digital signage in your fitness studio is to schedule and update easily your video training . You save time and remain dedicated to your customers for advice and hospitality.

Our fitness studio have become engaging and immersive show. It’s very easy to update content and retain our customers with new sequences. Waves System team has been very professionnal and reactive to deliver products and support.

Nicolas DCEO @ A. D.




Your session becomes an immersive show

Most advanced digital signage solutions offer even more features to automate a set of actions around video broadcast. You can control a complete set of lights with DMX and Art-Net, you can trigger fans, scent diffuser or virucide. All theses machines can work together to enhance the customer experience. Your customers will relay these exclusive moments whihin their communauty, what you create is instantly broadcasted in social network through your customers. Your reputation increases and so your sales.

The automation provided by thes digital signage solutions offer you more time to welcome and avise your customers.

In the following example based in Besançon, France, the studio is equipped with 5 EVP380 trigged by DMX to deliver synchronized light show with videos.

Wavespark is the cloud solution to monitor, program and update your digital signage installation.

Our solution gives you easy access to monitor and update your digital signage in fitness rooms. Choose our solution to control all your screens, from easy setup at the main entrance to the most complete immersive rooms. Take advantage of the excellent support of your team.