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SITEM 2024 – Environmental awareness and technological immersion

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On the 3 and 4 of April, we were at SITEM, International trade show for museums, cultural venues and tourist sites. Our meetings and discussions with partners and professionals highlighted a number of key trends:

  • Increasing awareness of environmental impact
  • The advent of immersive technologies
  • These will certainly shape the future of museums and exhibitions.


Reducing the environmental impact of exhibitions

Of the 14 conferences presented, four focused on reducing the environmental impact of exhibitions, making this the most represented theme.

The XPO collective of scenographers presented a manifesto listing 50 concrete proposals throughout the life cycle of an exhibition.
Divided into 6 phases, the manifesto calls for ‘a methodological revolution advocating the creation of interdisciplinary teams, an overhaul of commissioning procedures and training for all professionals in the ecosystem’.

It is an excellent resource for professionals wishing to adopt sustainable practices. The proposals cover a wide range of aspects, from design to deconstruction, including transport and the use of eco-responsible materials.

Several exhibitors have embarked on in-depth training programmes in their companies to improve their practices. The testimony of Lucas Reboul from Kaléo is very enlightening.

‘Ecodesign needs to be considered from the earliest stages of a project. This approach cannot be adopted without the clients and institutions agreeing to change their practices. It cannot be envisaged without training for the industry.”


Training and the continuous improvement of internal practices demonstrate a desire for sustainable transformation that is spreading to all business lines.

stand au SITEM 2024

Immersive technologies and content

Immersive technologies and content were also honoured. NADK received the Innovation Award 2024. Its 3D constructions of lost, unfinished or never-built architecture bring (back) to life lost or inaccessible heritage, offering visitors an interactive and educational exploration of historic structures.

These technological advances open up new horizons for museums, enriching the visitor experience with innovative and immersive tools.

Immersive sound

Taking immersion a step further, sound is another major trend. Nuits noires, represented by Elodie Parmentier, won the 2024 start-up contest. Their unique approach to creating immersive sound content aims to combine excellence and accessibility to make the invisible aspects of exhibitions visible.

Immersive sound makes it possible to sublimate, preserve and enhance your stories and knowledge with the utmost subtlety, for a variety of long-term uses. You can transport your audiences into your world by stimulating their imaginations.


The use of immersive sound can profoundly enrich visitors’ experience by offering them total sensory immersion.

SITEM 2024 showcased a number of initiatives that create living experiences. Experiences that are rooted in reality, using new technologies and processes. Experiences that are rooted in reality, while taking into account ecological constraints and with an ever-increasing quest for meaning. A paradox?