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Educacode – hybrid, mobile training AV solution

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Find out how our partnership with Educacode has given rise to a hybrid, mobile training solution that meets specific, innovative needs.


Educacode  develops a hybrid mobile training solution. Trainees start their program at home on their smartphone. They dedicate the last days of training with an instructor to validate their know how. They run the same web application with the instructor. Educacode was looking for a device who would help the instrcutor to setup and start its lessons in seconds.

For Educacode, the ideal product need to broadcast audio, video and web content. It requires to be portable. It should also allow interaction with trainees without using the Internet, and should be able to be updated remotely and capture educational data. This product did not exist on the market.


Educacode approached Waves System because of its ‘excellent’ reputation for creating tailored devices embedding audio and video.

The codabox is the only portable device to combine an amplified loudspeaker, a video player, a multi-operator 4G connection and a 50-connection Wi-Fi hotspot. The system enables multimedia web and video content to be broadcasted to an audience of 50 learners who interact with the content using their smartphones. The system is plug and play. Our proprietary OS launches the web application. The system supports VGA and HDMI outputs. The instructor can adjust the volume with an encoder. 




Damien Dufour, CEO of Actiroute: “Despite rapid development and measured risk-taking in certain areas, the product is extremely reliable and fulfils its objective perfectly.

The success of the project has enabled us to launch a study for a version 2 with even more features, also entrusted to Waves System.”

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