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VP320 and VP330 media players in a showroom.

Kaleo made the complete integration of media player in a showroom. He selected Waves System media players to broadcast, video projections and video terminals. The key argument for Kaleo is to offer an embedded web server inside each player. Thus the showroom manager can easily update the contents.

media players in a corporate showroom

Media players are present in all multimedia applications of this showroom.

I selected VP320 media players for the showroom. Players from Waves System  are the most handy media players for museum applications. The player’s back-office is easy to handle for my customers. Also we quickly designed a custom webapp so the manager can select his media from a tablet. 

Lucas ReboulCEO @ Kaleo productions

VP320 and VP330 media players are perfectly suited for showroom applications. Media players are ideal for broadcasting audio and video files. They are also perfectly adapted to run webapp in terminal kiosks. Our robust proprietary WS Operating System guarantees a long term stability of the installation. In the following example a media player is controling the video projector through PJ LINK. 

media players in showroom

Save time when installing media players

The following installation is using a VP330 with 4 GPI directly connected to the player. It take less than 1 minute to make the programming of this scenario. And the manager can dra and drop new content anytime to update his video kiosk. Waves system media players are widely selected for their simple workflow of programming.